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The Plans for the Future

We have successfully secured £3.4Million in funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund as part of a £4million restoration package supported by United Utilities, the Country Houses Foundation and others to conserve and revitalise Rivington Terraced Gardens.

Our focus is on stabilising and consolidating existing decaying structures within the Gardens, so that they can be enjoyed by generations to come. We will improve access both to and around the Gardens so that more people can visit.

We won't be trying to restore the Gardens to their original plans - this would be far too costly both to create and maintain. People have also grown to enjoy the Gardens in their current wooded state. We want to make sure the structures can be safeguarded, and carry out work to allow the spirit of Mawson's original design to remain within the current context.

We have undertaken a wholesale review and improvement of the cataloguing and interpretation of the site's landscape and heritage.

The improvements to the Gardens will enable them to be better managed in the future, safeguarding heritage for generations to come.

A programme of skills development and volunteering will capitalise on the park's unique and diverse features and establish it as a living and vibrant resource for local people to become involved and improve their skills.

The plans are being driven forward by a partnership of the Rivington Heritage Trust, Groundwork Cheshire Lancashire and Merseyside and United Utilities.

The story so far...

In early 2016, after a long wait, we received word that the Heritage Lottery Fund had approved our Stage 2 Grant application.  We had been awarded monies to deliver a £3.4million restoration project in the Gardens.

We received formal permission to start on the 9th August 2016.

In partnership with Groundwork CLM (who will administer the funding) we began the recruitment of a Project Manager, a Development Officer and an Education Officer to deliver the project.

The three are

Heritage Projects Manager:

Andrew Suter.  Andrew.suter(at)

Development Officer:

Liam Roche.  Liam.roche(at)

Education Officer:

Helen Thompson.  Helen.thompson(at)

Capital works on site are likely to begin in Spring 2018.  Before then the team are hard at work appointing the professional team and beginning the recruitment and training of a Volunteer Ranger programme.  A guided walk and conservation task takes place each month as well as regular corporate volunteering days.  In addition the team have begun to deliver a series of events for the wider public starting with a successful Kids Bushcraft event during half term in October.