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About The Rivington Heritage Trust

The Rivington Heritage Trust (RHT) exists to champion the future of Rivington Terraced Gardens. We want to see the Gardens improved and enhanced for the benefit of the public and for the environment. We want to protect and celebrate the unique heritage of the Gardens, ensuring that they remain a magical place to visit for generations to come.

Having successfully secured £3.4million from the Heritage Lottery Fund our primary activity is to deliver the improvement works over the next three years engaging with local people, businesses and organisations on the use and development of Rivington Terraced Gardens. Working with Groundwork Cheshire Lancashire and Merseyside, we have secured funding to make major improvements to the Gardens.

RHT is made up of a board of voluntary Trustees, some independent and some nominated by particular local organisations such as local authorities. A Community Forum meets regularly, and that also nominates a representative to the RHT board.

RHT operates strategically to enhance the quality of, and access to, the environmental and heritage assets of the Terraced Gardens. The Gardens are owned by United Utilities.

RHT is a registered charity (reg no 1064700)

Our board

Bryan Homan, Chairman (United Utilities)
Greg Fairbrother  (United Utilities)
Daniel Fowler  (United Utilities)
Mark Donaghy (Independent Trustee)
Councillor Kimberley Snape  (Chorley Borough Council)
Councillor Marcus Johnstone (Lancashire County Council)
Jack Smith (Representative of the Friends of Rivington Terrace Gardens)
David Crawshaw (Independent Trustee)
Graham Ashworth (Independent Trustee)
Mark Wilde (Independent Trustee)