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Our aim is to secure a healthy future for Rivington Terraced Gardens

Rivington Terraced Gardens are the grounds of the former country home of William Hesketh Lever and were designed by Thomas Mawson, the noted Edwardian landscape designer. The Gardens are currently in the ownership of United Utilities Water plc and form part of the Rivington catchments, which supply drinking water via a chain of local reservoirs to Liverpool. The Gardens are of designated historical value as a grade II Listed Garden (English Heritage) and of significant local interest. arising from their complex history, long established public accessibility and use.
Rivington Terraced Gardens have been publicly accessible for nearly fifty years and have developed a local community Identity. Any restoration project need to take account of public opinion and harness community resources to ensure effective Implementation. The restoration plan will be developed with on-going consultation and an effective methodology needs to be established to ensure the input of public and professional opinion.

Key Issues In the restoration plan will Include;

1. The extent of restoration of the original designed garden
2. Un-designed development and the degree of restoration of accidental' features
3. Accommodation of public use of the site
4. Interpretation of the heritage value and site history

 Prepare an application to Heritage Lottery Fund

The Heritage Lottery Fund has established itself as the major funding source for this sort of project. A successful HLF application has the benefits, not only of a substantial financial contribution, but also of raising the profile and ability of the project to attract further funding. The preparation of an HLF bid has been approved by United Utilities and Chorley Borough Council as directly affected agencies, and by Bolton MBC and Lancashire County Council as supporting organisations. Heritage Lottery Fund has approved a project development grant for specialist survey work and can be seen therefore to be supportive. In principle, of a full application